No aggressive exercises, no starving diets, follow the guidelines mentioned in the book, and you will observe a quick weight loss in the best possible three months time span. Yes, the fat loss factor is one of the best-rated weight loss program books, which is chiefly responsible for effectively reducing fat from different parts of the body. It is not a kind of machine or device; it is a book that brings wonder to your life. And when you live a healthy and active lifestyle, you’d be able to play your favorite sports betting games at more effectively.


You must have read several schedules online and free manuals for weight loss, but all must be not as elaborate as the fat loss factor. This edition deals in the 12-week program and provides prominent results to the user in the specified period. You could not sit back and read a lengthy or critical manual that asks you to go for starving diets or follow hectic recipes to maintain a balanced diet. So Dr Livingston has compiled a series of plans in a systematic order to start immediately after purchasing the subscription.

How to eat, what to eat, what quantity, and what all nutrients are required is mentioned clearly; once you are in the program, nothing else would be required for you to lose weight and increase the rate of metabolism. ‘Health is wealth’ and ‘Deadman needs no riches’ are the two sayings that highlight the importance of health in a person’s life. After all, to enjoy the luxuries and pleasures of life, one has to be at least physically capable to do so. Exercising is a great way to be fit and healthy, and ‘exercise’ is a broad term comprising several activities such as – Jogging, skipping rope, strength workout, stretching, yoga, etc. This article solely focuses on stretching.

Get the fat loss factor and feel the change

Do you find yourself bulky and overweight? And not able to judge which program is better to consider? Then it’s the best time for you to subscribe to the fat loss factor 12 week program manual. It is one of the most precise and easy weight loss plan book that will teach you in every way how to reduce weight effectively. But, unfortunately, people are busy at work and could not invest money and time in 2 hours regular workout station. So, in that case, fat deposits keep increasing, and a time comes when one could not easily manage the increased weight.

The fat loss factor allows the user to understand its body type, food types, liver functions, nutrients that a normal body requires and what kind of exercise is meant for male and female separately. The author never emphasized starving diets as they may harm the stomach, prevent energy storage, and give you a fatigue feeling. The fat loss factor program is designed in 12 weeks time span to get into the habit and then remember the workout steps, food habits, etc., for a lifetime.

After following the book, you may find a slow fat reduction, but once your body accepts the change you have acquired in the four weeks, you will start reducing in a double ratio.

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