Kone crane is a leading player in the world of lifting businesses. They boast many customers covering mechanical components manufacture, shipyards, and terminals and processing industries. Their lifting equipment and services are committed to fulfil all your needs and provide the best value to your business. The Kone cranes have a large employee base (around 18,000 employees) and have outlets at over 600 locations across 50 different countries. If you are looking for a way to fund your equipment need, play simple and interactive betting games via https://www.ufabet168.info/วิธีการฝากถอนเงินของ-ufabet and earn money. 

Equipment available in Kone Cranes

Kone cranes have a wide range of equipment covering the needs of different industries, including automotive, container handling, general manufacturing, petroleum and gas, power production, shipyards, mining, nuclear technology and metal production. Here are some of the most popular equipment of Kone cranes.

    • Workstation lifting equipment: These include electric crane hoists, jib cranes, air balancers and workstation cranes. Kone cranes have a variety of models for each of the above equipment. These equipment are capable of adapting easily to changing processes and to unique production requirements and environments. In addition, these products are safe, reliable and suited to specific needs. From lifting light to demanding workstation use, all sorts of equipment are available.
    • Overhead cranes: These cranes are used in almost all industries and production chains for lifting and moving equipment safely and quickly. Kone cranes have several cranes that are fitting with advanced technology. The cranes include CLX chain hoist cranes, open winch cranes, automated cranes and even a few customized cranes. They also have specially designed cranes for the movement of hazardous material and other cranes for safe operation under explosive environments. Separate production lines are available for shipyard cranes and mobile harbour cranes.
    • Container handling equipment: Apart from cranes, this company is also a leading provider of container handling equipment. When it comes to container handling, from initial design to final distribution, including intermediate manufacturing, this company does it all.

Apart from their major equipment, they also deal with other equipment such as lift trucks and equipment for the core of lifting.

Other additional services

The reach of this company is not limited to the production and distribution of the various lifting and handling equipment. They are also well versed in a few other service areas. These areas include expert assistance for inspection and preventive maintenance, retrofitting works, corrective maintenance, and other consultation and modernization services. They also have all the possible spare parts and replacement parts for almost all types of equipment, as mentioned above.

Why choose Kone cranes?

    • These experts have been in this industry for quite a while, and hence all their products are well customized to suit the specific needs of the market demand.
    • They use advanced technology such as the TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring service that uses sensors to monitor and collect data on the crane usage, work cycles operating run time and emergency stops.
    • The available range of products of very large. It provides a lot of options and variety to choose from.
    • The transparency in methodology is very appreciable. All the documents, agreement and guidelines are given to the clients, and there is not much room for ambiguity or misunderstandings. You can track the crane condition and inspection report anytime.
    • It lets you partner with a crane service provider that also acts as the OEM for the equipment. This essentially means that you will be able to purchase parts without any price mark-ups.
    • The quality, excellence of delivery, and commissioning professionalism are very high, accompanied by the best service possible.

The company places a great deal of emphasis on safety, and support from expert technicians can be availed 24/7.

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