Let us be practical about this even though our minds don’t vote for that which is not practical but for pleasure. But we can manipulate so that our mind finds no way around the bush. The point is, what if you are in some corner of the world or anywhere away from home. Remember you are a huge fan of cricket and have no means of watching it, and guess why no TV. This is where you where wanted to step in and help you out. Wouldn’t it be exciting and amazing if you wanted to watch the live streaming of the match? Oh! Did I say that? Let us put it this way, and you can access any of your favourite videos shows that are broadcasted live. This is perfect for when you are trying to chill after some exciting sports betting games online viaคาสิโนออนไลน์/. Hotstar- Go Solo is the one app whose help gets you to watch any streaming, trending, or your favourite videos on the internet for what? You got me. Yes, for free. In this article, we shall discuss what the Hotstar- Go Solo application is all about in its popularity, downloads, and the like.

Download for Android:

The application comes with an APK extension when it comes to Android platforms. So you won’t have to wonder what APK meant if you didn’t know what it was. These are the steps you could follow to get the Hotstar application on your Android phone:

    • You could download it directly from the link provided on the official Hotstar web page. Click on the link and follow the simple ongoing instructions, and you are ready with the application to be used on the phone. Just in case you’ve come across any problem, then you could use the alternative too.
    • Open the Google Play store and search for the official Hotstar app. Then, click on the application to start the download.
    • Once the download is done, go to your downloads folder where are all applications are stored when downloaded and click on it to start the installation. Once you are down with the installation, you are ready to live stream any channel from your phone, which means you could live stream anywhere away from home without the need for TV.

Download for iOS platforms:

If you are an iPhone user or any device that runs on the iOS platform, you will need to check out the following steps:

    • Unlike Android phone wherein, you will have to go to the Google Play Store, and there is the Apple Store for iOS devices.
    • Go to the Apple store and search for the Hotstar- Go Solo Application. Click on it. The device will ask you to enter your email credentials and once you are done with that, click on the application, and it starts getting downloaded.
    • This impresses me when the device tries to install the application once it is downloaded, unlike the Android phone, which needs to be done manually.
    • Now that you are a Hotstar user go live to take all the benefits of the application.

Hotstar is a digital and online web entertainment platform that gives you access to almost every TV show and channel you desire to watch.

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