YouTube is one the largest online video sites. Videos are available in more than 80 languages. This diversity makes it easy to post content in a language they know, but also allows others to view it. YouTube is now accessible to more than one billion users. In addition to English, YouTube also offers content in other languages, and a large number of users have their own blogs and social networks.

In addition to English, the website has local versions in 76 countries, including Portuguese, Slovenian, and Croatia. While YouTube is widely popular, it is important to note that not all of its content is appropriate for all ages. YouTube made all videos that were “made for children” liable under COPPA in 2021. In 2022, it released a supervised mode for teens and tweens, and started competing with TikTok with a video series called YouTube Shorts.

The new system was first introduced in Portugal in June 2007. The technology can identify uploaded videos that violate copyright. The system was deemed necessary by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The system works by creating an ID File to copyrighted material and then storing it in a database. To determine if a video is legal, it is checked against the database when it is uploaded.

The site has grown to be the most popular place to view videos. The company is the second most popular website worldwide after Google. It allows users to share and view videos from many sources, using tools such as If you are logged in to their accounts, you can also view videos from other sites. The YouTube app can be used to watch and download any type of video. There are more than 1 million apps available for YouTube. These websites allow users to share their favorite videos.

Users can interact with videos on YouTube through chat, upload their own videos, and customize their settings. You can filter for keywords, categories and topics using a variety of filters on YouTube. You can search for videos by keyword or category and subscribe to the YouTube channel. You can also find a variety of videos by language. The site supports 76 languages and each language has its own interface.

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